Fair & Female*

A networking project for raising the visibility of women in the field of art and culture in the Alps-Adriatic region


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Fair & Female*

„Women are well represented in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS) and are proven to participate more in culture than men. However, when it comes to their specific situation and role in the CCS, inequalities become apparent - even more when intersectional factors are taken into consideration".
(Towards gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors, June 2021)

These are the opening words of the report prepared by experts from the EU Member States (Open Method of Coordination) on gender equality in the cultural and creative sectors (CCS).


The trans-regional project "Fair & Female*" addresses precisely the (geo-) specific situations and the role of women* in the field of art and culture. Using a comparative approach, we want to emphasis the specific working conditions of woman* working in regional CCS and their strategies for improvement of their position in the Alps-Adriatic region. Despite the geographical proximity of Carinthia, Styria, Slovenia and Istria, the situation of women* in the cultural sector is quite different. This heterogeneity is based on the specific historical developments of the region (socialism/capitalism) as well as on different political priorities for action of current political agents. Consequently, differential strategies for more gender equality in the cultural field among the regions are necessary.

In the period between September 2022 and September 2023, four exchange meetings are planned in the provincial capitals: Rijeka, Ljubljana, Klagenfurt/Celovec and Graz.

The respective local organization will host one meeting. These meetings serve as a form of "knowledge sharing" to explore common challenges and counter them with diverse courses of action.

Through the exchange of participating organizations, experiences will be used to analyze differences and develop potential practices and courses of action to improve the situation in the particular local environment.

* The gender star (*) intend to indicate that gender is not a natural category, but the result of a construction effort. In this sense terms "female*" and "women*" are inclusive and address not only those women whose assigned female gender at birth, that corresponds to their lived gender identity (cis-women), but also trans-women.

COOPERATION PARTNERS / regional Initiatives organizing cultural exchange

Alpen-Adria-Allianz © AAA

The competences of the participating organizations in the project cover very wide range of actions:

The project is funded by the  Alps Adriatic Alliance.

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